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Britain has two million severely dyslexic individuals, including
some 375,000 schoolchildren. 10% of people using ‘Romance’
languages are coping with a reading difficulty.
Dyslexia is a combination of abilities and difficulties that affect
the learning process, displaying a wide range of difficulties.
Dyslexia can occur despite normal intellectual ability and teaching,
and it is independent of socio-economic or language background.
The British Dyslexia Association

There has been growing innovation to combat dyslexia, especially
for children, in the form of computer software. However, relatively
little design research has been done in the area of typography
and type design that might support dyslexics. Read Regular is
a typeface designed specifically to help people with dyslexia read
and write more effectively.

Read Regular aims at preventing a neglect of dyslexia, creating
a more confident feeling regarding the problems that occur
with dyslexia.


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